Spyridon Sideromenos


Spyros obtained his diploma in pharmacy from the University of Athens (2013, Greece) and he, then, pursued his Master’s studies, with specialization in neuropharmacology, at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen (2016, Denmark). He obtained his PhD degree at the Medical University of Vienna (2021, Austria) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Daniela Pollak.

His main research focuses on mental disorders, and, more specifically, in anxiety and depressive disorders.  Spyros is an expert in preclinical behavioral studies. During his master’s and doctoral studies, he investigated how different stressors, particularly early-life stressful events, can shape brain function and permanently impact on emotional behavior. Additionally, Spyros, has extensively worked on the association between metabolic and psychiatric disorders, trying to understand the mechanisms by which certain genetic traits or circulating hormones can simultaneously shape metabolism and emotions.

At Prof. Dr. Tibor Harkany lab, Spyros is interested in elucidating how discreet cell populations can influence behavioral traits with relevance to mental disorders, providing novel treatment strategies and opportunities.