Sabah Rehman


Sabah is a laboratory technician at the department of Molecular Neurosciences/ Centre for Brain research, Medical University of Vienna. She is involved in different projects and therefore acquired a broad range of research techniques such as two electrode voltage clamp on Xenopus laevis oocytes, RNA handling, Genotyping, qPCR as well as tissue preparation, Cryosectioning, Immunohistochemistry and Confocal microscopy. Sabah achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Vienna where she specified herself in the field of Anthropology and continued her studies with the Master’s- programme Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Applied Life Sciences of the FH Campus Vienna.  She accomplished her Master’s thesis project in the research group of Professor Silvia Marino at the Blizard Institute/Barts and the London school of medicine and dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, where she worked in the field of Neuroscience and stem cell research.