Tibor Harkany

Group Leader

Tibor Harkany completed his undergraduate training (M.Sci.) in molecular biology and biotechnology at the University of Szeged, Hungary (1995). He then received his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary (1999) for his studies on the neurotoxicity of β-amyloid peptides and their relevance to cholinergic neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease. Two post-doctoral fellowship ensued (University of Groningen, Netherlands (1999-2001), Karolinska Institute (2002-2004), the latter supported by a “Karolinska Institute postgraduate fellowship in restorative neuroscience”.

In 2005, Dr. Harkany formed his independent research group at the Department of Medical Biochemistry & Biophysics of the Karolinska Institute. This year saw him to receive his associate professorship (“docentship”) in neuropharmacology. During the period of 2007-2013, Dr. Harkany held the post of SULSA Professor of Cell Biology and 6th Century Chair to the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom. Since 2011, Dr. Harkany is Professor of Neurobiology at the Karolinska Institute, a position he continues to hold jointly with his appointment at the Medical University of Vienna.

Dr Harkany was elected as a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization’s Young investigator Program (2007), became a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (FSB, 2010), and received the Anders Jahre (2012), ICAM (2013) and Erik K. Fernström (2013) prizes for young scientists. Since 2016, he is member of Academia Europaea.

On November 1, 2013, Tibor Harkany was appointed as Professor of Molecular Neuroscience and head of the corresponding department at the Center for Brain Research, Medical University of Vienna.