Propionyl-IIGL tetrapeptide antagonizes beta-amyloid excitotoxicity in rat nucleus basalis


A putative tetrapeptide beta-amyloid (Abeta) antagonist (propionyl-Ile-Ile-Gly-Leu [Pr-IIGL]) based on the [31-34] sequence of Abeta was previously shown to rescue astrocytes from Abeta-induced membrane depolarization and subsequent long-term elevations of the intracellular Ca2+ concentration in vitro. Here we provide in vivo evidence that the Pr-IIGL tetrapeptide effectively attenuates the excitotoxic action of Abeta(1-42) on cholinergic neurons of the rat magnocellular nucleus basalis (MBN)….

Released at: 22.09.2020, written by webmaster_popp